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Monday, March 14, 2011

Eye Candy

Maybe it's the artist in me but I tend to look at the beauty in everyday things. I notice the color and texture of things.  How the light hits them and I am always thinking what the best angle would be for taking a photograph of something.

I was making an apple pie the other day, and the apples were so vibrantly green that I had to take pictures. My husband walked in and asked why I was taking pictures of apples? It was just because they were pretty. He doesn't totally understand the way my brain works because he is a numbers man. He doesn't get it when I stop and take a picture of a leaf or a rock and get all excited about it. But I knew you would appreciate some pictures of pretty apples so I thought I would share.

I always have to add a little something to the top of my pies.

I used to use tiny cookie cutters to cut out leaves or flowers but then I started cutting out my own shapes with a knife. It is kind of like making something out of Play Dough or clay. 

I had never tried rolled up flowers before, but why not?

I'm sure many of you out there look for beauty in everyday things in life too.

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  1. What a gorgeous pie! I love the pretty flower on it. I bet it tasted just as beautiful as it looked. What an inspiration.


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