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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Step 1 popcorn be gone!

I've been ready for a change in our master bedroom for several months and finally got started making it happen. The walls had been red for quite some time. It isn't as scary of a red as it looks in the picture, I had all the lights on and the blinds pulled up so I could see to work. I loved it for a long time, it felt warm and cocoon like at night but the fabric I had for the curtains and shams was dated and it was time for a change. I listed the curtains on Craig's List thinking no one would be interested but they sold in a couple of days, I guess you never know what people will want!

Before the fun could begin I scraped the popcorn off the ceiling and textured it using the skip trowel method. I painted the ceiling the same off white as the crown molding in the room. It is a messy, nasty task but worth it when it's done it looks so much better! 

My vision for the room is a cozy, relaxed, Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn feel. I am using warm neutrals for the walls, and comforter so I can change out the pillows and accessories easily, from deep green and rusty red in the fall and winter to blues, cream and green in the spring and summer.
The paint color I chose for the walls is Ralph Lauren's Kauai Jungle, as you can see here on the ceiling. I love it because it is the perfect shade between taupe and a subtle golden hue, and I've found it to be a color that looks great in any light. Can't wait to share more of my makeover with you next time.

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