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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beauty from the Garden Perennial Flower Arrangements

     I absolutely love flowers!
 I love to grow them, arrange them, enjoy them and give them as gifts.
We have had a week of temperatures in the 100's and everything in the yard is suffering but I was able to cut these flowers from our yard the other day. I am amazed at how good they look!
They are Annabelle Hydrangeas and an old fashioned cabbage rose that has the most wonderful citrus scent.

Over the years I have added many perennials to our yard so that I can have flowers to bring indoors all summer long.
Hydrangeas and ferns are two of my favorites that are perfect for using in arrangements. 
Roses, Purple Cone flowers, Peony and Lilacs are also good choices to plant if you want a perennial cutting garden.

I started in one corner of the yard and added a section of garden each year focusing mainly on flowering trees,shrubs and perennials.

For Mother's Day I made this arrangement with flowers from the garden.
I'm always amazed what you can create with just a few flowers, and it's a gift that feels more "from the heart" than a store bought arrangement.
The flowers I used here are: Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Graham Thomas yellow roses, fern leaves and the hot pink flowers are from our Spirea bush.

To personalize an arrangement, print your message on card stock. Layer it over scrapbook paper in a pretty print, punch two holes in one side and insert a wooden skewer to hold your message. 

I love the green with a pop of pink!
I think this would be beautiful for a wedding reception centerpiece.

What are your favorite cutting flowers or flower arranging tips?
I would love to hear from you.


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  1. I love the hydrangeas and can't wait till next year to see how my new Red Hot Hydrangea performs. I also love to cut Black Eyed Susans. Unfortunately because of the heat this year all my plants are suffering. However the Garden Phlox you gave me is rallying and looks like it is going to make it. Thanks again!


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