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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunting Trip

Yes, you heard it right. I went on a hunting trip to western Kansas with my hubby, Davey Crockett, my daughter and her husband last weekend. There will be no pictures of me from this event because I was bundled up with so many layers to keep out the early morning 20 degree temperature that I looked like the Stay puff marshmallow woman. Men are funny creatures to relish getting up before dawn, driving to a field and waiting in sub-degree temperatures to greet the sunrise so they can march into said field and stir up the birds. I really did enjoy the whole experience except for the cold. I really, really hate to be cold.

The entire trip was worth it to see the look on all the other hunters faces when we went to breakfast at the country cafe. My husband said they were all thinking, why the heck would you bring your wives hunting, we go for alone time. I said I thought they were thinking, what lucky guys to have their wives come along to enjoy a day of nature together.
Davey Crockett is a serious hunter. He is my King of the Wild Frontier. He has enjoyed hunting since he was a kid. I sometimes go turkey hunting with him but it had been many a moon since I had gone for quail and pheasant.

The skies were overcast but you could see for miles and miles.

I love being in the middle of nowhere, it is so peaceful and beautiful.

Our dog Scout is an old girl now but she ran like the wind sniffing out the birds. Davey Crockett loves his Soutie girl, she has been a great dog. Our daughter and son in law's dog, Mac, is still a pup and is just starting his hunting career. Rusty, their lab was just glad to be along for the ride enjoying the great outdoors.
It was a great weekend.

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