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Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycled wool collar covers

I have been working with felted wool for a few months now and I thought I would show off some of my creations. I like to put a bandana on our dog, Scout, for different holidays but I always thought there could be something cuter than a bandana.  One day I was playing around with ideas and came up with these. They slip over the collar and are made totally from recycled sweaters.

 I made some for a sale I was participating in and they were a hit. Now there are more stylish dogs running around with my creations around their necks. Yeah! Every dog needs a little bling right? I made some more  and put a couple on etsy to see how it goes. If you would like to take a look you can visit my store The Nest Eclectic.  I do have more in different sizes and colors if you are interested you can send me a message.

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