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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hail Storm and a Nice Surprise!

Thank you Alison!

Last week I received a sweet message from Alison over at The Polohouse saying she was passing the Stylish Blogger Award  along to several blogs and mine was one of the blogs she chose. I feel very honored because I think she is truly stylish! If you haven't visited Alison's blog I highly recommend it. She lives in a beautiful home that has been converted from an equestrian barn.

 To accept this award the recipients are asked to do a few things:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve the award.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Seven things you may not know about me:

 Family means everything to me and my favorite thing is to spend time with them.

I met my husband when we were in the fourth grade, but we didn't date each other until we were Seniors in High School.

I love the outdoors and would rather be outside anytime the weather is nice. I like to camp, hike and ski. And can usually start a fire with one match.

I once auditioned for the show Survivor.

I go turkey hunting with my husband,and you have to dress in camo to do that!

I'm not a total tomboy, I definitely have a girly side.  I took ballet for 13 years.

I love to cook and have catered  several weddings and parties with my sister-in-law Tina.

I am sharing several wonderful blogs I follow and like to visit for inspiration.

Roses and Rust
Verde Farm
Burlap Luxe
Molly Susan Strong
Brambly Home and Garden
Maple and Magnolia
Antique Chase
Deborah Jean's Dandelion House
Southern Home Sweet Home
Lovely Beasts

 We had our first really beautiful weekend of Spring on Saturday, so we spent the entire day outside cleaning out the gardens and  mowing. It felt so good to be outside again and the weather was pretty enough that we were able to eat out on the deck. Sunday evening we were struck by a scary, pelting Kansas hailstorm.  The winds were so strong it blew the quarter size hail sideways! Fortunately the way our house sits we didn't get any serious damage that we could see last night. Our umbrella cover was shredded, one of our screens tore and there are millions of little branches in the yard but I think other than that we were very lucky!
Enjoy the blog list!


  1. congrats on the blog award! survivor wow, you are brave! xoxo's nancy

  2. Jodie! Thank you so much for passing on the award to my blog. I truly appreciate it. I find it amazing that so much of our inspiration comes from each other. That's the best thing about this community!

    Thanks again! And congrats on getting the award from a blog you love!


    p.s. You met your husband in the 4th grade? Crazy!

  3. Oh thank you so very much. I am honored to be on your list. I am inspired all the time by this little world of ours.

  4. JODIE!!

    Thank you so much for my award... I really appreciate it! So nice!!

  5. Jodie thank you so much.. what a compliment from you.. Tried out for survivor wow, you must be in great shape...

  6. Jodie,thank you so much-I am honored. I really enjoyed reading the tidbits about you. Thanks again.


  7. Thank you so much for this award. I'm so flattered and appreciative that you thought of me! I enjoyed finding out a bit more about you - I'm sure you would have done very well on survivor. Have a lovely week. x Sharon


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