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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keeping It Real

I have a plaque I recieved as a gift that serves as a great reminder to me to find something to enjoy and appreciate in each day. It says, "The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is here."

Over at  Miss Mustard Seed's blog, she was commenting on the entries in her Copy Me Challenge, how great they looked, and how she felt like she was behind on things she wanted to do with her home due to her business. She seemed worried we thought her home was always perfect and photo op ready. Well I am here to tell you girls if there is one thing I have learned in my 47 years it is that life is messy and nothing is perfect!

When I was in my 20's there were people I was amazed by and a little jealous of because their lives appeared to be so perfect.  Over the years I have come to realize no one's life or home or is always perfect, even though in blog land it might appear to be. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. When we visit someones home we are usually seeing it at its best, all shiny, clean and  picked up. That is what I like to call the "Faux House", that is not real life. Many times before company comes, I make a swing around the house with a big basket and gather all the loose paper and things that are laying around, then stash the basket in the basement. I guess that is one good thing about getting older, you learn the truth about life and start to care less about what other people think.

I really admire Miss Mustard Seed, she is so creative, is great at what she does and is an inspiration to many others. I know she lit a fire under me to create! Thanks Marian, we love what you do.

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