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Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift Store Addiction

It is sad but I think I am developing an addiction to thrift stores. There are three in the city I live in and two happen to be right across the street from each other which makes it very convenient to just pop in. We have Goodwill, Savers and a Salvation Army. I will be in the car doing errands and will feel this pull to stop in and see if they have anything wonderful. There could be nothing, but then again I tell myself, I might miss something really great. I found some wonderful things on my last visit. I struck gold on silver pieces.

  I am thinking someone probably passed away and their relatives had no interest in silver so they hauled it off to Goodwill. I got all this for $8.00.

 I had never seen silver with a wooden fork and spoon on the ends, I am guessing salad servers. The ends were broken off but I am sure I will come up with something to do with them.
 I fell in love with this little pedestal dish with a handle, so sweet. It will be perfect for displaying a nest, apples, or even Christmas ornaments.
There was even an entire mini collection of baby forks and little spoons.
Well, they all have a new home now and someone to love them.
Have a great day.

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  1. I love silver too and I don't have much of it, some silver trays that's about it. Thrift stores are so much fun and so is collecting stuff to decorate with. Mel's Cabin is another blog to check out sometime when you're blog hopping.

  2. I too find myself hopping into thrift stores alot lately!

    I have two Good Will's, a Salvation Army and two consignment shops very close to me! It's crazy.

    Happy hunting and when I figure out how to post pictures I'll show my finds!


  3. Jodie you scored! I love to hunt for silver at Goodwill.. I have never found it that cheap. You got a deal. I am your newest follwer.. stop by sometime. Great blog


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