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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not So Pretty Laundry Room

Here is my dirty little secret, I have a scary laundry room! When we built our house 16 years ago, a beautiful, state of the art laundry area was not a priority for me. We considered putting a big laundry /sewing room upstairs when we built the house but decided to make the space an office so, the laundry was delegated to the basement. I never thought too much about the space and the way it looked until a few years ago when laundry rooms became showplaces, all fancy and glittery with appliance bling. Our laundry had become a dark dreary catchall. I've thought about fixing it up for awhile but didn't take action until I found the little roadside rescue table that I painted. Who knew a free table would inspire an entire room makeover. Kind of like a $1,000.00 free kitten. But I didn't spend near that much for the redo. Ok, fasten your seat belts here is the scary before.

Open shelves for storing extra canned goods, I like to be prepared. This was a good idea except for the fact the cans get coated with dryer lint, and I have enough dusting as it is.

Ugly yellow wall I painted with some undercoat paint I had left over from a faux finish, hoping to brighten up the space. An old catch- all table and my Halloween birdcage with the crow inside.
Yuck, Yuck, and more yuck. I wanted light, bright and airy.

 My first step was to finish painting the open ceiling white, a project I had started awhile back but never finished. Next I chose a color for the ugly yellow wall. Oddly enough I went with a color called Cloudy Day by Bher but it looked great in the light of the room.

We purchased a pantry cabinet from Lowe's to corral all the canned goods. Now they are safe from dryer lint. We screwed the pantry to the wall and I put up finishing trim around it to make it look built in. Then I added some baseboard.

Here is a sneak peak at the fabulous buffet I found on Craig's List that will go on this wall. I am really excited about it, the piece has so much character. I will post the after pictures of it later in the week.


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